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Feb. 19th, 2012


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Mar. 21st, 2010

Jim DeMint-Freedom!


(no subject)

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Feb. 7th, 2008




You have got to be kidding me???

-- Republican Mitt Romney will suspend his campaign for the presidential nomination, sources tell CNN.

Feb. 5th, 2008



Rush: It's Better To Be Right All The Time

Great article in the Washington Post discussing Rush Limbaugh's position (along with all the other conservative talk show hosts of late) that McCain is just as bad for the country as Obama/Clinton.

The primary point being:
"If I believe the country will suffer with either Hillary, Obama or McCain, I would just as soon the Democrats take the hit . . . rather than a Republican causing the debacle," he said. "And I would prefer not to have conservative Republicans in the Congress paralyzed by having to support, out of party loyalty, a Republican president who is not conservative." -Rush

This quote also confirms some of what's wrong with McCain.. it illustrates his clear detachment with the conservative right. Not that people have to listen to Rush to be conservatives (I don't) but his disdain for him, and the conservative voice, highlights his disconnect with GOP morals.

More support for Mitt!

Read the whole articleCollapse )

Feb. 4th, 2008

obama, alex hutchinson, suburban fiction


Are you suffering from political burnout?

Are You Suffering From Political Burnout?

Has the political season driven you to distraction? There are ways to cure this common malady.

Let us know how you are coping with it.

Enjoy, Alex Hutchinson

Jan. 21st, 2008



Autographed Romney T-Shirt for Campaign Donation!

Dear Friend,

My dad’s most recent victory in Nevada, and his previous victories in Michigan and Wyoming, have given him the lead over any other Republican candidate.  In fact, CNN is now reporting that he is leading the delegate count for the Republican nomination.


Your continued efforts will help ensure my dad has the resources he needs to win in Florida and key February 5th states so he can secure the nomination, and ultimately bring change to the White House.

The winning Mitt Romney t-shirt chosen from my designs on the Five Brothers Blog is now available with a $30 contribution toward my dad’s campaign!  If you contribute $50, I’ll have my dad sign your t-shirt.  Your contribution is more important than ever in helping us buy ads in upcoming primary and caucus states.  So please show your support today by contributing for a t-shirt for yourself, your family members, and your fellow Romney supporters. For more information or to make a contribution for this t-shirt, click on this link.

We both know my dad is the man for the job.  We must continue to push forward state by state, to ensure Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee.  My dad combines the optimism and experience needed to bring conservative change to Washington.

Thank you again for your continued support and dedication.

Craig Romney


Please Select Your Size Below

If you would like to order more than one t-shirt, please contribute the appropriate amount and a Romney staffer will contact you for sizing. Please ensure your phone number and email address are accurate.



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Jan. 4th, 2008



A Peek Inside the Mind Behind the Huckabee Campaign...

There are several versions of the quote, but someone once said something to the effect of, "Character is doing the right thing when no one is watching". I've seen versions of that quote in friend's LJs, and other places. And believe I've discussed it here as well - just don't recall exactly where at the moment.

I do however, firmly believe that our actions - when no one is watching us - are the pure definition of who we really are. People who put on a front for the camera, or for a friend, are simply fooling themselves. But a person of real moral integrity can be trusted to put on the same face no matter who is watching.

All the more reason I find the following report on Mike Huckabee's campaign chairman disturbing. He clearly must be aware that he in the public eye, and that his behavior is up for public review, but more disturbing to me is the behavior exhibited. The crude, malicious behavior of the man running the Huckabee campaign is clearly disturbing and shows a little more than I'm sure they intended to display to the public about the true position of the campaign on several fronts.

Now, I'm not taking the side of the blogger that basically eavesdropped on his "private" conversation, but when you're in public, and talking out loud, anything you say pretty well stops being private no matter your intent.

From Townhall.com

Huckabee Chairman Ed Rollins Trashes Romney

Posted by: Jonathan Garthwaite
4:52 PM

Amanda Carpenter files this report from the ground in Iowa:

At a hole-in-the wall Des Moines eatery, Mike Huckabee’s campaign chairman loudly bashed their top rival presidential candidate Mitt Romney and made several predictions to two national television reporters.

I overheard Rollins’ conversation while dining in a restaurant called Winston’s located close to Huckabee’s Iowa headquarters and took notes on my computer. Below is a compilation of what I heard:

-He distinctly talked about going negative in South Carolina and told someone on the phone to “put some good in there if you have to, with the bad. Do what you gotta do.”

-Rollins let the f-bomb fly twice and told his blonde female dining companion a joke about flying the Confederate flag in the South Carolina state capitol.

-Rollins indicated several times their campaign was the victim of “dirty tricks” and that they were being unfairly outspent.

-Rollins also criticized another candidate as believing the Presidency was “their birthright.”

-Rollins made a phone call to Lou Dobbs and said he would ready to have drinks with him after Iowa to talk about Hillary. There also was a reference to Rollins’ recent comments about wanting to knock Romney’s teeth out, as Rollins told Dobbs “they are all porcelain.”

-Rollins also called Andrea Mitchell and predicted Obama would take Iowa tonight. He called Mitchell “sweetie” several times.

-Rollins believes Rudy Giuliani is “done,” “has no money,” and was “hurt terribly by those police cruises with his girlfriends.”

-Rollins called said Fred Thompson was “as disgrace as a candidate. Fred has been a friend a long time, but has never converted a single vote. No one is taking him seriously.”

-Rollins indicated he feels good about Iowa and that “all the sales are made, the customers just have to show up.”

-Rollins ate a tuna melt and carrot cake. His female companion picked “marbled rye” bread.

Rollins obviously didn't appreciate the report.see video below of Rollin's agitated reaction to the reportCollapse )

Dec. 20th, 2007



Tancredo Bows Out. Endorses Romney.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Rep. Tom Tancredo abandoned his long-shot bid for the Republican presidential nomination Thursday and endorsed Mitt Romney's candidacy, saying the Massachusetts Republican "can go the distance." (From here.

Dec. 7th, 2007



Theology: LDS god is in harmony with the Bible

Editorial Commentary from Here:

Editor's note: The following essay is by Orson Scott Card, a member of the LDS Church best known as an award-winning writer of science fiction, as well as other fiction, screenplays and commentary.

Poor Mitt Romney.

Well, not actually poor, but you know what I mean.

Little did he know that in order to run for president, he was going to have to take America to Sunday school class.

Officially, of course, there is no religious test in order to hold public office. But in practical terms, if a candidate believes in something completely insane, people have a right to take that into consideration before voting for him.
keep readingCollapse )

Dec. 5th, 2007



Romney's "Faith In America" Speech - TUNE IN!

Banner 6.11.07

Mitt RomneyDear Friend,

Tomorrow, Governor Mitt Romney will deliver a major speech titled "Faith in America."  The speech is an opportunity for Governor Romney to share his views on religious liberty, the role religious tolerance has played in our nation’s progress and how the Governor’s faith would inform his presidency.

The speech will take place at 10:30am Eastern at the George Bush Presidential Library in College Station, Texas.  You may watch the entire speech live on MittRomney.com.

Governor Romney’s faith is an important issue to many Americans, and he personally feels this is the right time to share his views with the nation.

Please tune in to MittRomney.com tomorrow at 10:30am Eastern, and tell your friends and family to watch as well.


Beth Myers

Beth Myers
Campaign Manager


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